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The Indian Cold Chain industry has seen tremendous growth over the years, expected to grow from a value of INR 1585.1 Billion in 2021 to INR 3637.4 Billion in 2027 it has been termed as the “Sunrise Sector” due to its growing indispensability and potential.
With India being one of the world’s largest producers of fruits, vegetables, sea food and meat but has access to only 60% of this produce, a strong Cold Chain solution has become the need of the hour. Another sector that pushed the industry to grow faster has been the organized food delivery and e-commerce segment which has now become a major growth driver for the cold chain industry in India.

Day 1

REFCOLD INDIA 2023 Highlights

A Great Start to Day 1 with an Energetic Inauguration Event!
Action Packed Day 1 at REFCOLD India 2023
Highlights of Glorious Day 1 at REFCOLD India 2023
Day 2
Power Packed Day 2 @ REFCOLD India 2023
Don't miss these innovative products @ REFCOLD India 2023
Don't miss these innovative products @ REFCOLD India 2023
Day 3
The Cold Chain Revolution @ REFCOLD India 2023
REFCOLD 2023 - Where success multiplies for the refrigeration & cold-chain industry
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