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Grand Launch of REFCOLD INDIA 2022

"From the distant rural farms to the urban centers, the journey of farm produce through an efficient & quality food supply with cold chain and refrigeration infrastructure is the key to India's food security for its citizens"

Shri Raghavji Bhai Patel, Hon’ble Minister, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Cow-Breeding, Government of Gujarat

Shri Raghavji Bhai Patel, Hon’ble Minister, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Cow-Breeding, Government of Gujarat has marked his auspicious presence during the grand launch of REFCOLD India 2022, on 27th July 2022. Where he spoke about the importance of refrigeration and cold chain industry in agriculture and dairy sector in India. He also added his remarks on room of improvement in the sector and how it can be overcome with he help of HVAC industry.

Refcold India will bring together Indian and international refrigeration industry stakeholders, and usher in innovation in technology that works on eliminating food wastage. Also by connecting cold chain and refrigeration industry suppliers and buyers, Refcold India will provide multiple networking opportunities for developing strategic alliances with prospective buyers.

ISHRAE & Refcold India committee are extremely delighted to share the information about the official Launch of Refcold India 2022 in a very grand manner. Grand Launch was held on 27th July 2022, where major dignitaries marked their presence. Shri. Raghavjibhai Patel, Minister of Agriculture, Government of Gujarat attended the ceremony as Chief Guest, Shri Amitbhai Vyas, MD – AMUL Dairy shared the stage as guest of honor along with Shri. Gokul Patnaik, President, Global Agri systems. The ceremony was dynamically kicked off by our own National Chairman of ISHRAE Mr. N.S. Chandrasekar and further led by Mr. Pankaj Dharkar who envisions the success of Refcold India 2022 as being Chairman of Refcold India. Mr. Amitabha Sur was also present as NSC Chairman from ISHRAE and taking full responsibility of making main event a success.

Grand Launch has really boosted the confidence of ISHRAE Team and industry patrons, as the panel discussion at Grand Launch has given the actual insight of the industry. Panel discussion has inspired everyone and guided the direction in which the whole industry should work try to innovate more.

Shri Amitbhai Vyas, MD AMUL Dairy gave such and insightful information about how Asia’s largest dairy is working and where they need an improvement with the help of Refrigeration & Cold Chain industry. Shri. Gokul Patnaik, President, Global Agri systems as enlighten the information about how cold chain industry works in improvement of Agri products and its effective supply in India and what are the challenges industry facing and also guided where the room of improvement is needed. One of the most experienced person of the industry Mr. Arvind Surange graced the panel discussion with his knowledge of resolving the problems and how challenges can overcome the current issues. Mr. Amitabha Sur also joined the panel discussion as past president of ISHRAE and his presence has given gracing knowledge to the session. One of the most dynamic person Mr. Vishal Kapur secured his chair as Moderator of the panel discussion who chose the innovative topics and put in front of our highly graced dignitaries of the industry.

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Welcome by ISHRAE

Mr. Pankaj Dharkar Chairman REFCOLD 2022

14:05 h

The role and activities of NCCD in the promotion of a technically sound and sustainable cold chain in India

Mr.Asheesh Fotedar ,Chief Operating Officer of National Centre for Cold-chain Development (NCCD)

14:30 h

Welcome & Opening Remarks by FSAI

Mr. Ajit Raghavan : President FSAI & Abasaheb P. Kale – Moderator of the Session


Fire & Associated Risks for Temperature Controlled buildings & Cold Store Occupancies in Cold Chains

Mr. Inayat Mizwan : Excutive Vice President, Consuting Solutions, Marsh Advisory – Marsh & MacLennan


Certified Fire Mitigation Solutions for Temperature Controlled Buildings & Cold Store Occupancies in Cold Chains

Mr. Yassar Nabeel Mohamed, Approvals Engineer, FM Approvals – FM Global


A Case Study On Minimising Fire Loss Imapct through use of Fire Safe Metal Sandwitch Panels 

Mr. Abadsaheb P. Kale, Chief Executive Officer, Sahyadri Farms Sustainable Grassroots Initiatives Limited. 


Proactive Fire Loss Prevention Approach in Cold Supply Chains Infrastructure Assets

Mr. Ramesh Maganti, Head Civil & Infrastructure, Bottling Investment Group, South West Asia Region, The Coca Cola Company / Mr. Kaushlendra Sharma, National Manager Engineering Services – Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Hindustan Coca – Cola Beverages.



All above Speakers will be part of this Panel Discussion. Session Moderator : Mr. Abasaheb P. Kale. 


Closing Remarks

Mr. Ajit Raghavan – President FSAI